• Evaluation and management of acute and chronic kidney disease in the office and local area hospitals. MNA providers will work through every stage of kidney disease and will work closely with your primary care provider to develop treatment plans that focus on the preserving kidney function. Hospitals include Maine Medical Center, Southern Maine Health Care (Biddeford and Sanford), Mercy and New England Rehabilitation Hospital.
    • Hypertension Medical management of high blood pressure with adjunct therapy such as diet and lifestyle modifications to help keep kidneys healthy.
    • Electrolyte imbalance The kidneys regulate fluids and electrolytes, therefore changes in renal function can result in electrolyte imbalances.
    • Kidney transplant management:
    • Anemia management in kidney disease: MNA provides ESA’s (erythrocyte stimulating agents) for patients with anemia secondary to kidney disease. For more information.
    • Kidney replacement therapy: In-patient, in-center, home and PD.
    • Kidney replacement access care: Is provided at the Scarborough surgery center which is directed by Robert Zimmerman.

Ancillary services

  • Patient and family education classes:
    Kidney Disease Education (KDE): Informational sessions that discuss chronic kidney disease with a focus on prevention, kidney protection and treatment options.
    Low sodium class with Lisa Hutter: Information provided on ways to lower dietary sodium, label reading and shopping trips.
  • Dietary counseling: Dietary counseling services are provided by Registered dietitian Lisa Hutter MS, RDN, LD. Consultations are ordered by your provider and a detailed treatment plan is developed that focuses on the specific dietary needs of kidney patients.
  • In-house comprehensive laboratory:
  • In-house kidney imaging: Kidney ultrasounds can be done here in the office which will assist the provider in treating your kidney condition. Many times ultrasounds can be done the same day as your appointment with the provider.
  • Ambulatory blood pressure monitoring: Is used for patients with difficult to treat hypertension or white coat hypertension.
  • Inpatient consultations:
  • Renal biopsies: Some kidney diseases require a biopsy for diagnosis. Biopsies are done at Maine Medical Center by one our of board certified physicians.